Why CCD?

Centre for Development of Imaging Technology, C-DIT, a Government organization with corporate culture, is concerned with customizing technology for the masses. It is an organization where creativity, aspiration, innovation, brilliance and excellence merge with technology for mere perfection. C-DIT’s Campus in the serene beauty of Chitranjali Hills, Thiruvananthapuram, where one of India’s all-in-one film productions is functioning, is an ideal location to pool the sparks of creativity and innovation as part of an intellectual vanguard. Currently slated as a total service provider for the Government, catering to advancement of research, development and training in IT, C-DIT seeks and strives to take the multitude benefits of information revolution to the grass roots. C-DIT has gradually evolved as a centre with plentitude skills covering information technology and its application to various forms of media from traditional to the modern.

The great task taken up by C-DIT is “to become the leading service provider and product innovator in new media information technology system, tools, applications and content development with thrust on the deployment of sustainable and appropriate imaging and imaging technology for science and development communication.”

Communications Courses Division provides innovative media training programmes for the digital era. We are the number one in media studies as we impart Media Education at its best. We offer courses that cover a wide range of fields like Television Production Management & Marketing, Digital Still Photography, Animation Film Designing, Television and New media Journalism, Multimedia Design, Web Design and Development, Digital Media Production, Videography, Radio Production, TV Anchoring, TV News Presentation, Photo Journalism, Science and development Communication, Sound Design and Engineering.

C-DIT has started off-campus centres to conduct its communication training courses in every district in Kerala, as well as other states and Gulf countries. Our off-campus centres are located in Kollam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Calicut and Kannur.

We have experienced faculty members for handling classes. Eminent personalities from the film field, engineering colleges, universities and other relevant sectors are handling classes as guest faculty members.

It has well equipped computer labs, classrooms, digital cameras, video cameras, shooting floor, non linear edit suit, sound booth and photo lab.

C-DIT has a specialized library in the field of media studies. Thousands of books, periodicals and a considerable collection of soft documents, newspaper cuttings, etc are available at the library at Chitranjali Hills.